Ministry Partners


Here at The Bridge Church, we love to partner with local and National ministries and business to help reach our community through different projects.

The Bridge Church Network

To learn more about our other campuses click the links below.

Refuge Retreat

The Refuge Retreat exists to unify a generation of college students to be disciple-making followers of Jesus.
We are currently accomplishing our mission in 3 ways:
Refuge Retreat | Summer Shenanigans | Campus Conference

ARC Church Planting

We are proud to be an ARC Church Family Partner. Through our monthly giving to ARC we partner in planting churches across the globe.

Click in the ARC logo to learn more.

One More One Less Project

To Inform, Inspire and Intertwine the local church with foster care and adoption. Click on the photo to learn more.

One More One Less

Vapor Ministries

Together, we are bringing social, economic, and spiritual life to communities dying from extreme poverty. We are establishing sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. Through our ministry centers, over 9,000 children, youth, & adults received medical treatment or health services last year.

Click on their logo to learn more.

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